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A short overview

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Historic Burghausen (english)

Castle, Old Town, Raitenhaslach abbey, Marienberg pilgrimage church

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Burghausen Storica (italiano)

Castello, Cittá Vecchia, Monastero di Raitenhaslach, Santuario di Marienberg

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Burghausen Un Site Historique (francais)

Chateau fort, vieille ville, abbaye de Raitenhaslach, église de pélerinage Marienberg

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GPS City Tour

Discover Burghausen with your smartphone on the interactive GPS City Tour "A  tale fo smugglers, rascals and fish in a salt crust"

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Town Museum

The new town museum in the world`s longest castle

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Image Flyer (english)

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Opuscolo d`image (italiano)

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