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Great historic Castle Festival - July 9th to 11th 2021

The highlight of every year on the 2nd weekend in July

Jesters, minstrels, craftsmen – and, of course, the nobility. For three days, on every second weekend in July, mediaeval life returns to the world’s longest castle. The year is 1516 – and Wilhelm IV, Duke of Bavaria, is honouring Burghausen with his presence.

And he has not come alone. He has brought Emperor Maximilian I with him, who is being ceremonially received by the "government" of the Herzogstadt Burghausen Society. The 650-member society, led by the "Duke and Duchess", does not only organise the spectacle but also practically takes over the governance of the castle during the festival.

After welcoming the Emperor in the town square, the mediaeval procession gets underway. More than 1500 men and women, horses and carts head up to the world's longest castle for the celebration.

The garments are resplendent, yet authentically simple, hand-made by members of the society in mediaeval style. A colourful bunch of people is waiting in the festively decorated castle. A whole host of traders and victuallers, dressed up in their mediaeval finest, is waiting to offer the guests hand-blown glass from the Bohemian Forest, leather wares and jewellery. Jugglers and musicians perform in every nook and cranny, while hunger can be sated with historical dishes, fresh pastries or traditional tarte flambée – a real mediaeval feast.

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