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Raitenhaslach Abbey market

The spirit of Hildegard of Bingen permeates this special two-day market – a  tranquil event in the idyll of the former Cistercian abbey at Raitenhaslach.

In early summer, monks and nuns from around two dozen monasteries and  convents in four countries come to Raitenhaslach Abbey’s Prelate Garden and  bring their delicious home-made delicacies. The culinary aromas mingle with the smells of flowers and herbs from monastery nurseries whose plants beautify the Abbey Garden.

The programme of events extends into the evening. Each day of the market ends with musical performances appropriate to the reflective monastic  atmosphere.

If  you want to conclude your visit in an even more special way, combine it with a  peaceful trip on a “Plätte” – a flat wooden boat – that sails to Burghausen in the  late afternoon. One of the loveliest views of the castle and old town can be seen  from the river.

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