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Shopping in Burghausen

Extra shopping in more than 100 shops with over 1,000 free parking spaces. 

You almost feel like you’re on a southern holiday when you stroll through the historic old town, across the charming town square and through the Grüben. Here you will find a rich selection of specialist shops or unusual handicraft and  art trade establishments exerting an appeal far beyond national borders.

In the lively new town the customer-oriented specialist shops leave no desires  unfulfilled. Friendly service and a wide range of products guarantee a special  shopping experience every time.

The Lindach business park rounds off Burghausen‘s shopping facilities perfectly with a varied mixture of large shopping and specialist centres. Furthermore, all  the shopping streets of the old and new town, have over 1,000 underground  free parking spaces, which is probably nationally and internationally almost unique. Wherever you park you‘re never far from the shops.

Extra-high purchasing power - Flourishing business community

Burghausen stands out among traditional medium-sized centres as well as considerably larger towns in Bavaria with its impressive facts and figures. Its  gross domestic product amounts to a whopping € 9 billion per year. This  benefits not only the town’s inhabitants but also the entire region within a 50 km radius and further, and is reflected in above-average purchasing power.  This is the reason for the flourishing business community, the many creative  trading and craft businesses, and for the extra shopping experience in  Burghausen.

You`ll like it, too

Luftaufnahme Burhausen und Umland


Burghausen is one of the most prosperous municipalities in Bavaria.

Buffet in der Café-Bar

Food and drink

In the pubs of the old and new town you can find the whole spectrum of life in a gastronomy scene famous well beyond the borders.

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