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Economy in Burghausen – The chemical diamond

Salt used to be the source of Burghausen’s wealth, but the chemical industry has become central to the town’s economy over the last 100 years. This is symbolised by the “Burghausen Chemical Diamond”, a signature feature for a town which despite its size is one of the most prosperous municipalities in Bavaria.

With 11,000 people employed in the chemical industry, Burghausen is the most significant location in the “Bavarian chemical triangle”, in which around € 8 billion are generated with chemical and petrochemical products every year.

The industrial enterprises

Wacker Chemie - The crown jewel of Burghausen’s economy
Wacker Chemie AG is a globally operating chemical corporation with around € 5
billion sales per year. In five divisions, it manufactures top-quality products in
silicon chemistry, polymer chemistry, speciality chemistry, fine chemistry, polysilicon production and semiconductor technology.

Founded in 1914 by Dr Alexander Wacker, the Burghausen Wacker site now provides around 10,000 of the 16,300 Wacker jobs around the world. Wacker is thus the largest employer in southeast Bavaria and the crown jewel of  Burghausen’s economy.

OMV Germany - Extra-high-class refinery location
OMV Deutschland GmbH, with around € 4 billion sales, is Bavaria‘s leading petroleum and natural gas company. Their activities include refinery, customer and petrol station business.

In today’s OMV refinery in Burghausen, which was founded in 1966/67 and is one of the leading locations for petrochemical technology worldwide, around 600 employees refine around 3.6 million tons of petroleum every year into highly valuable mineral oil products, such as kerosene and automobile fuels.

Network location- Extra-efficient with magnetic effect
Burghausen enjoys an international reputation as a highly efficient network
location comprising production, service providers, suppliers and manual trade
enterprises, providing more than 17,000 jobs – in a population of around 19,000.

Predominantly medium-sized service companies operate in the environs of the large chemical industry locations. Of the 17,100 or so employees over 13,200 commute from the surrounding region. Burghausen is a magnet for job hunters.

facts & figures

Luftaufnahme Burhausen und Umland

17,100 jobs in total (of which 13,200 commuters)

Financial strength
€ 9 billion GDP at Burghausen location
€ 131 million in the town’s overall budget in 2010 (Altötting administrative district: € 95 million)
€ 70 million in tax revenues in 2010 (highest in Bavaria)

Investment location
€ 640 million for OMV gas power station up to 2015
€ 250 million for capatown expansion of Wacker Chemie AG in 2011
€ 100 - 200 million/year for the maintenance and expansion of Wacker Chemie
€ 30 million for public container terminal up to 2013

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