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Mautner castle – Extravagant eye-catcher

A blaze of colour between the Grüben and the Spitalvorstadt district and venue for legendary sessions in the jazz club. The salt trade was the town’s most important source of income from the Middle Ages to the early modern period. From the 15th century it was overseen by the customs officials in the castle’s offices. Today, the Mautner castle shines like an orange Renaissance treasure with its arched  walkways and the Jazzkeller, which stages live sessions for Burghausen‘s many  jazz events.

The building dates back to the 16th century; ducal/electoral toll gate on the Salzlände. A castle-like building housing the customs officers of Burghausen, later the electoral office of the toll gate and the royal customs office. Building modifications in 1912, renovated in 1976-1977. Today a municipal training centre with lecture halls and a jazz room in the basement. From 1877-1879 Ludwig Thoma lived here as a Latin pupil.

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