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The Grüben area has been populated by artisans since the Middle Ages. The  colourful, mostly late-Gothic houses continue to attract attention today. The  pedestrian zone is a real crowd-puller as a focal point for culture and events and a centre for gastronomy, crafts and specialist shopping.

The Grüben was first mentioned in the official records of 1225 as a “fovea”, and as a “Grueb” in 1333. Almost all of the buildings were the craftsmen’s houses; they  largely date from the late Gothic period.
They were repeatedly deluged by devastating flood waters over the course of the centuries. Since the construction of the quayside in 1969-1971, many of the  ouses have been renovated as part of flood protection measures. Parallel to the  Grüben along the foot of the castle hill is the Messerzeile, first mentioned in an official document in 1408, where mainly locksmiths and artist-craftsmen once.

Street of Fame in den Grüben

Burghausen’s homage to legendary jazz artists, probably the only one of its kind in the world.
In 1999, the Town of Burghausen laid down the Street of Fame in the Grüben –  bronze relief plaques set in the pavement of the elegant promenade. There are currently 39 plaques bearing the names, signatures and birth-and-death dates of legendary jazz musicians who have played at Burghausen’s International Jazz Week.

Highlights of the Grüben

"Brennstüberl Geistreich" bar

Brennstüberl Geistreich

Have you always wanted to see first-hand how fine fruit brandies and spirits are made? You can experience this in a spirited atmosphere – and even sample these fine, high-proof products – at the show distillery.

At a convivial tasting session, the brandy sommelier will explain how he preserves the soul of a fruit in a distillate. Regional delicacies and a genuine Burghausen beer round off the harder drinks. Group tastings (max. 15 people) by prior appointment.

Come and lift your "spirits"!

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"Glaspunkt" glass studio

Glasbläser Sigi Franz

Sigi Franz is a passionate glassblower and a real Burghausen character!

His inviting shop in the Grüben is adjoined with an open workshop where you can watch him work.

The glass artist can make almost anything – from shot glasses, signs of the zodiac and intricate glass roses to uncannily accurate busts (e.g. of Gerhard Schroeder or Samy Deluxe), Sigi brings the objects to life.

He has taken his craft to a level of perfection that is unrivalled in terms of scale and level of detail.

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A restaurant with its own special charm!

Burghausen artist Knox has created a special ambience for the restaurant with lots of offbeat ideas and attention to detail. He started his large-scale restoration of the restaurant in 2001. Every table, every corner and every room is unique.

As well as the regular restaurant and bar service, live concerts are also held there frequently.

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Art & Jewelry in Glass

Burghauser Glasherz

Oliver Habel opened his own shop for glass art and jewellery in the Grüben in 2010. As well as his own work, he also exhibits pieces by national and international glass artists there.

From bracelets and earrings to necklaces – everything at Oliver Habel's shop is handmade and one of a kind. The Burghausen glass heart comes from his workshop.

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Palette in den Grüben

Hildegard Korbl has been selling gifts, jewellery, artwork, souvenirs and postcards at her uniquely colourful shop in the Grüben for nearly three decades. You really can find everything here – the products range from small souvenirs to special rarities, and the shop is the perfect place to browse and gaze in wonder!



Cabaret des Grauens

Cabaret des Grauens in den Grüben

Cabaret des Grauens is an established part of Burghausen's cultural landscape. The venue in the vault houses theatre, cabaret, readings, parties, concerts, revues and playback theatre – but the main attraction is the self-written plays!

The sign above the door should say, "Lunatics only": if you end up in the dimly lit miniature theatre by chance (or even intentionally), you will find yourself in a den of absurdity. Under a blood-red cross vault, customers sit at black tables, with circus music playing over photographs of grotesque people – or maybe not.

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Other highlights

Antiquitätengeschäft in den Grüben

The pedestrian zone in the Grüben offers even more. Here is an overview of current projects, traditional handicrafts, galleries, artistic miles and the business community.



You`ll like it, too

Studienkirche St. Josef Burghausen

St Joseph's church

Munich-style early Baroque pilaster church in a central location on the town square.

Mautnerschloss Burghausen

Mautner castle

A blaze of colour between the Grüben and the Spitalvorstadt district and venue for
legendary sessions in the jazz club.

Marienbrunnen am Stadtplatz

Town square

One of the most beautiful town squares in Central Europe in a singular urban environment.

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