Hedwigskapelle extra lang
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It’s not only the world's longest castle that’s extra long.

Burghausen extra long means extra long enjoyment of extra attractions from culture to gastronomy.

Hauptburg Westseite

World´s longest castle

The castle which stands as a witness to over one thousand years of history.

Burghausen Stadtplatz

The old town

Fabulously feudal, romantic ensemble.

Wöhrsee-Spaß unterhalb der weltlängsten Burg.


We have put together various package deals for you – whether you like culture, sport or cycling, there's something for everyone!

Plätte mit Musikern

Boat rides with "Plätten"

See the best side of Burghausen – with a boat ride on the Salzach.

Jazz in Burghausen

Jazz in Burghausen

In addition to the international jazz week there are more of highlights such as the Summer Jazz Night or the Jazz Festival.

Pedalgenuss an der Salzach

Cycling & nature

Burghausen is a true oasis of nature - not only for cyclists a real treat!

Burghausen - A town of diversity

Experience the many facets of Burghausen and enjoy the wide range of impressions and moments in a town of contrasts and similarities, the everyday and the exceptional. Burghausen is a town of outstanding cultural and commercial importance to the whole region, a lively town with an appealing blend of high-tech and history.

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