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Georg Miesgang swimming pool

Erlebnisbadewelt Burghausen

Enjoy the day or the evening with a visit to the indoor swimming pool and the  saunas or with a soothing dip in the outdoor saltwater pool under the open  sky. The 50-metre indoor pool is the perfect place for sport and fitness. Lots of top swimmers prepare for major competitions in the pool, which has been  recognised as a state training centre for the Olympics. The multi-purpose pool offers masses of fun with a diving board, play pool and an exercise pool,  directly connected to the unique aqua climbing wall. Clambering behind a  waterfall, we can‘t guarantee you won‘t fall in!

Two steam baths, one saltwater and one herbal sauna, and a 35 degree  outdoor saltwater pool are the perfect invitation to relax, with numerous quiet zones included. The sauna world offers complete relaxation for body and soul. There are six different varieties of sauna, and the special spa experience is complemented by an idyllic sauna garden with a natural bathing pond.

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