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The Salzach River

The Salzach rises in the Kitzbühel Alps, specifically in the area of the "Salzachgeier" at approx. 2300 metres above sea level, north of the Gerlos Pass. After approx. 226 kilometres, it feeds into the Inn at Marktl, the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI.

In the section between Bergheim (near Salzburg) and Marktl, it forms the border between Germany and Austria. The Salzach was hugely important to Burghausen in the salt-trading area from the 14th century. Duties on the salt were collected here by the Duke's customs officers, and the salt was either transferred onto wagons or continued its journey towards Passau by water.

The salt trade turned Burghausen into a commercial hub. Over three centuries, until nationalisation in 1595, salt helped to make Burghausen and the salt merchants rich. 

Today, the river flows between Tittmoning and Burghausen through hills and charming landscapes. Swollen by the glacial runoff from the last ice age, the Salzach adopted a new course, leaving behind a mountain ridge over 1000 metres long, crowned by Burghausen's landmark some 50 metres above the old town: one of the most imposing castle complexes in the world (1051 metres). 

You can experience and enjoy the originality of this charming landscape in walks along the banks of the Salzach or in Plätte boat rides on the recreated salt barges.

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