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A boat ride on the Salzach reveals the town from a beautiful new perspective. On the wooden boats called „Plätten“ previously used to transport salt, the  “white gold” was transported from the salt mine at Hallein near Salzburg to Burghausen in the Middle Ages.

After embarking at Tittmoning or Raitenhaslach, you can glide softly through the charming landscape of the Salzach Valley. Approaching  Burghausen, an unforgettable scene comes into view – the grand castle complex looming protectively over the picturesque old town.

Dates of public Plätte boat rides in 2017

TuesdayAugust 15,20172:00 p.m.
SundayAugust 27,20172:00 p.m.


September 17, 20172:00 p.m.
SundayOctober 01, 20172:00 p.m.
TuesdayOctober 03, 20172:00 p.m.

Details & information

Plättenfahrt - Blick auf Plätten, Altstadt und Burg

Price per person: Adults €17.00, children/disabled people €10.00

Bus departs from Burghausen town square at 1:05 p.m.

Bus trip per person: Adults €5.40 , children/disabled people €2.70.

The public Plätte boat sails every Sunday from May to mid-September.
In the summer holidays, we put on additional trips during the week. 


Registration with Burghauser Touristik GmbH required

T. +49 8677 887-140/-141
F. +49 8677 887-144



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