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Jazz Plätte boat ride

For individuals, families or small groups


A laid-back jazz vibe is guaranteed if the "Oiweiumhoibeeife" band or "Brass nach Maß" come on board to provide to make your ride on the Salzach swing.

With rousing music, the accomplished musicians ensure an entertaining Plätte boat ride through the natural idyll of the Salzach Valley. You can't help but sing along! And the young ones sometimes use the centre aisle of the Plätte boat as a dance floor.

When coming into Burghausen, the finale is particularly lively, giving a fitting soundtrack to the view of the town and the world's longest castle that overlooks it.

Dates of public jazz Plätte boat rides

SundayJuly 16,201714:00 p.m.
SundayAugust 13,201714:00 p.m.
SundaySeptember 24,201714:00 p.m.

Details & information


Price per person: Adults € 20.00, children/disabled people  €10.00

Bus departs from Burghausen town square at 13:05 p.m.

Bus trip per person: Adults  € 5.40 , children/disabled people € 2.70.




Registration with Burghauser Touristik GmbH required

T. +49 8677 887-140/-141
F. +49 8677 887-144

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