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Everything you need to know about your booking.

  • Prior registration is required for group trips and the public trips.
  • The minimum price must be charged for Plätte boats for group trips that are cancelled less than two weeks before departure. 
  • No compensation will be provided for losses due to high or low water levels.
  • There are no catering facilities on the Plätte boat; however, passengers can take food and drinks on the Plätte boat.
  • Burghauser Touristik or the Plätte boat driver must be promptly informed of any delays.
  • If the customer is late or fails to turn up, the booked trip either cannot be run in its entirety or cannot be run at all, and the minimum flat-rate fee must be charged.

Plätte boat rides

Plättenfahrt - Blick auf Plätten, Altstadt und Burg
Plätte mit Musikern
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