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The "Powder Tower"

The exposed defensive bastion opposite the world's longest castle.

To the west of the castle and Lake Wöhrsee, situated on the Eggenberg, the imposing, robust Powder Tower is a prominent landmark.

A guards' walkway linked the complex with the exposed barbican, built in 1488. With its six gun emplacement platforms, the barbican served to defend the castle and was therefore constructed in front of it. Guns and gunpowder were stored in the tower for defensive purposes.

The overall diameter of the building is 18 metres, and the walls are five metres thick on average. In emergencies, stocks and a 22-metre-deep well ensured an independent supply of food and water for the garrison.

A beautiful walking trail leads through the old "secret passage", which starts at the entrance to the Wöhrsee bathing lake and along Alois-Buchleitner-Weg to the castle.

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