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Castle courtyards at a glance

The six castle courtyards are strung together like a pearl necklace. Every castle courtyard has lots to discover.

6th courtyard

Fotomuseum am Eingang der Burg.

The outermost courtyard mainly housed the administrative offices and places of work, officials' residences and castle staff quarters. The fortified character of the "Oberer Schanz" (bastions with three bridges) was lost through the damage and modifications which occurred in the 19th century.

Highlights of the 6th courtyard:
Liebenwein Tower with temporary exhibitions by the artists group "Die Burg"
Uhrturm - Clock tower with colourful paintwork and sundial
Rentmeisterstock - The tax collector's rooms, now home to The House of  Photography
The Öttinger Gate tower (the sole entrance from the north until 1836): Here, the Hofberg hill leads down into the old town

5th courtyard

Hedwigskapelle Burg

The highlight of the 5th courtyard is Hedwig's Chapel. This outer castle chapel (Hedwig's Chapel) was built by master court and fortress builder Ulrich Pesnitzer between 1479 and 1489 by order of Duke George the Rich and his wife Hedwig.

Further highlights of the 5th courtyard:
Gärtnerturm - Gardener's Tower, which was converted to a viewing tower in 1963
Aussichtspunkt - Vantage point with a view of Lake Wöhrsee

4th courtyard

der vierte Burghof

This castle courtyard was mainly used to house criminals. However, grain was also stored here.

Highlights of the 4th courtyard:
Folterturm - Torture Tower and museum
Haberkasten - The stables and oats barn, now home to The Athanor Theatre Academy

3rd courtyard

Pfefferbüchsen auf der Burg

One particularly striking sight is the master gunsmith's tower, also popularly known as "Schwurfinger", referring to the thumb and first two fingers raised to swear an oath.

Further highlights of the 3rd courtyard:
Pfefferbüchsen - Pepper pots, which were used as guard and lookout towers
Altes Zeughaus - The "Old Armoury" was as used as a weapons and munitions arsenal with a silo
Two fabulous vantage points overlooking the old town and Lake Wöhrsee

2nd courtyard

der zweite Burghof

This castle courtyard is the forecourt to the main castle. The "training yard, where many events and concerts are held in the summer, is also situated here.

Highlights of the 2nd courtyard:
Georgstor - George's Gate with the Bavarian and Polish coats of arms
Viewing tower overlooking Lake Wöhrsee

1st courtyard - Inner castle courtyard

Aussicht vom Dach der Hauptburg.

The first castle courtyard is the centrepiece of the world's longest castle. Features of the inner castle courtyard, surrounded by a high tuff stone wall, include two museums, Elisabeth's Chapel and the heated room.

Highlights of the 1st courtyard:
Entrance to the tour in the lower bailey
Dürnitz - Heated room with the "Zehrgaden" (storage room) underneath; this is now home to the visitor information centre
Treasure chamber
Inner castle chapel (Elisabeth's Chapel)

More photos of the castle courtyards

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