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Town square

Piazza with extra grandezza


Multicoloured houses with gabled roofs and Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo facades line this spacious town square, a grand piazza with a Latin flavour. The  town hall, the historic government buildings, the Taufkirchen House and the  Kurfürst Maximilian School’s famous Baroque auditorium – are all architectural highlights in a variety of pastel tones. The town square is unique in the unity of its design, and remains the vibrant historical centre of the town.

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Mautnerschloss Burghausen

Mautner castle

A blaze of colour between the Grüben and the Spitalvorstadt district and venue for legendary sessions in the jazz club.

Charming Grüben facades

Promenade between the town square, Salzach and castle – rich in contrasts and creative vitality.

Pfarrkirche St.Jakob Burghausen

St Jakob parish church

The biggest church in Burghausen is hard to miss – its imposing 79-metre-high tower with double Baroque onion domes.

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