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St Jakob parish church - With an extra long index finger

The biggest church in Burghausen is hard to miss – its imposing 79-metre-high tower with double Baroque onion domes can be seen for miles around – like a  finger pointing to the heavens, whose tip is on a level with the castle.

Built in 1140 in Romanesque style, the church now boasts an attractive neo-Gothic interior. Among the most precious testaments to the past are the ornate  gravestones that have adorned the inside and the outer walls of the church for centuries.

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Ritterkampf beim Burgfest

The castle festival

For three days, every second weekend in July, medieval life returns to the world’s  longest castle.

Pflanzenverkauf beim Klostermarkt

Raitenhaslach abbey market

The spirit of Hildegard of Bingen permeates this special two-day market – a  tranquil event in the idyll of the former Cistercian...

Dianna Reeves

Burghausen Seasons of Jazz

After the kick-off in March, Burghausen’s jazz seasons keep on swinging, from summer through to December.

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